At Robeec we respect our bees as much as the products they offer us.


The honey foraged with love by our bees is harvested by hand when it has reached maturity, that is to say when the honeycombs are sealed at least 75% by the bees. It is extracted in our FDA approved honey house. It is 100% natural, neither heated nor beaten. Direct from the hive to the pot. Liquid honey crystallizes naturally a few weeks after extraction.

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A hive consists of a concrete floor, a wooden top, a wooden element filled with 10 frames, two wooden frame covers and a concrete roof.
The hive can be made up of several elements all identical to each other, depending on the development of the brood and the evolution of the crops.
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Beeswax is harvested, melted and shaped into sheets ready to be reused in our hives.

Le pollen/ The pollen.


The pollen balls are, with the honey, the food of the colony. These are highly assimilable bee proteins for humans.
The balls of pollen are collected using the pollen traps, placed a few hours a day in front of the flight hole. Pollen is harvested daily and frozen immediately to retain all of its nutrients.


During visits, we keep a record of each of the hives. We then select, once a year, the best producing and sweetest colonies. We breed queens from these hives to expand and improve our herd.