Partnership between Robeec Ltd, the French company Beemondia
and the European Association of Living Apiculture :

We are delighted about the strategic and innovative partnership that has been in place from the outset between Robeec, Beemondia, and the European Association of Living Apiculture. This collaboration aims to unify our expertise and resources to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly beekeeping using native bees in Rwanda, while supporting the economic and ecological development of the region.

Robeec Ltd, a key player in beekeeping in Rwanda, benefits from the support and accumulated experience of its partners. Its ability to integrate local knowledge and sustainable beekeeping practices is strengthened by the credibility and expertise provided by the French company Beemondia and the European Association of Living Apiculture.

Beemondia, with its 14 years of experience in ethological beekeeping and related research, brings innovative methodologies. Their expertise in hive management and bee-friendly apicultural techniques is a major asset to enhance the productivity and sustainability of beekeeping practices using native bees in Rwanda.

The European Association of Living Apiculture, with over 30 years of experience in promoting bee-friendly methods and biodiversity, plays a crucial role in this partnership. Their network of professionals and commitment to the conservation of native bees enrich our common collaboration by providing essential perspectives and knowledge to guide beekeeping practices towards a more respectful and holistic approach.

Main Objectives of the Project:

Exchange of Knowledge and Resources:, This partnership facilitates a dynamic exchange of information, skills, and technologies, thereby improving beekeeping practices in Rwanda.

Development of Training Programs: The implementation of joint training programs, focusing on sustainable techniques and the ecological and health management of native bees, will directly benefit Rwandan beekeepers.

Research and Innovation:, The partnership stimulates research and development to bring innovations to Rwandan beekeeping, leveraging the latest advancements in the field.

Conservation of Bees and Awareness: A shared commitment to the conservation of bees and biodiversity, raising awareness among communities and decision-makers about the crucial importance of native bees.

Support for Community Development: The partnership contributes to the economic development of local communities through sustainable beekeeping initiatives, generating employment and income opportunities.
This partnership marks a significant step towards sustainable and respectful beekeeping in Rwanda. With the support and expertise of Beemondia and the European Association of Living Apiculture, Robeec Ltd is ideally positioned to take on a leadership role in promoting prosperous and environmentally friendly beekeeping. This contribution, in turn, enhances the health of ecosystems and the well-being of communities..