A Harmony between Nature and Beekeeping
Embark on a journey into apicultural excellence with the Robeec Hive, the result of decades of research and studies to understand the natural habitat of bees. Our adventure began as early as 1980, driven by a passion for studying the natural environment of these incredible pollinators.
Today, we proudly present the Robeec Hive at its zenith, a model that comes closest to the natural homes of native bees.
Allow us to introduce the exceptional features that distinguish the Robeec Hive from various European hive models:

1.Dimensions Inspired by Nature: The measurements of the Robeec Hive are meticulously compared to the natural habitats of native bees. We emphasize preserving the ideal temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, creating the perfect haven for colony prosperity.

Prise de mesures du nid d'Abeilles melifères dans leur biotope.- 1980

2.Queen’s Respect: Our square frames and cubic volume ensure the preservation of the circular pattern of the queen’s brood, fostering an environment where her majesty can flourish.

3.Predator Protection: The Robeec Hive’s entrance is designed to be easily defensible, protecting the colony from predators and other undesirable parasites.


4. Termite-Resistant Wood: We use wood that is not attacked by termites, guaranteeing the hive’s durability and longevity.

5.Thick and Dried Wood for at Least 6 Months: Our wood is carefully dried for a minimum of 6 months. Its significantly thicker construction compared to other hive manufactures ensures greater insulation and increased resistance to weather elements.

6. Robust Assembly: The hive’s components are meticulously assembled using the technique of reinforced glued laminated wood and internal nails, ensuring robustness and durability.

7.Unified Dimensions: The Robeec Hive is designed with a single dimension of wood to reduce losses, avoiding unnecessary waste.

8.Brushed Raw Iron Racks: The non-toxic raw iron racks allow for regular spacing, in harmony with the colony’s biology.

9.Concrete Base and Roof for Maximum Stability: The concrete base protects the hive from damage caused by seasonal rains, and the heavy concrete roof provides exceptional stability, especially against strong winds.

10.Identical Cubes between Levels: When additional levels are added, they have the same dimensions, greatly facilitating the management of frames between brood chambers and honey supers. All levels are identical, simplifying beekeeping operations.

The Robeec Hive is specially designed to be in harmony with the native bees of Rwanda, respecting their life and internal ecosystem.

Eloquent Results

With the Robeec Hive, witness beneficial results such as:
• Orderly construction between combs and inside the hive,
• Reduced stress and tensions for the colony,
• Diminished aggression,
• Lower calorie consumption for temperature regulation,
• Fewer parasites,
• More brood in 2 chambers (2 levels),
• Improved colony health,
• Increased hygiene through better cleaning,
• Facilitated beekeeping visits,
• Enhanced honey production,
• Easy transportation of occupied hives,
• Extended longevity thanks to the quality of construction and wood used,
• Plus, various applicable beekeeping techniques.

construction of the robeec hive

Our beehives with frames, built in wood, were created by Prof. Roch Domerego in 1980 thanks to the study he carried out on Rwandan honey bees in their natural environment.
These beehives correspond exactly to the dimensions he took in primary forest. The distance between each section as well as their width, height and the exterior size of the colonies gave birth to this small hive.
The bees develop in harmony in this hive which helps them to fight against the low temperatures of the night and respects their living conditions exactly.



We are always looking for new land to rent to place our beehives, locations close to forests that will be more than 3km from each other to avoid overpopulation of bees. Each of the hives are placed more than 3m from each other. This technique avoids stressing the bees during hive visits and they will suffer less deviance during foraging.

Un de nos ruchers / One of our apiaries.

Choose the Robeec Hive for a beekeeping experience in perfect symbiosis with the lives of bees, ensuring their well-being and flourishing success!